Monday, August 10, 2015

Have you seen our lost dog Freddie?

This has nothing to do with horses, but it has been a learning experience I do not wish on any animal owner.  We have lost our family dog Freddie.  He went missing off his ranch home February 11th and we have been consumed with trying to find him.  No, he was not wearing his collars or id tags...they were removed while fixing fence so he, his brother and sister would not get tangled up.  His mom (my niece) turned around and only Freddie was gone.  It has been a nightmare since then and a painful learning experience in the process.  I had no idea the lost animal problem was so huge.

There are many great organizations that help with information on what to do and many Internet services we faithfully monitor daily in our search.  Where we once thought micro-chipping was a risk...we now feel it is another tool in the box to help bring a lost dog home.  Hindsight is painful; but hopefully, we can remind another pet owner to chip their pet and increase the chance of them coming home IF the finder follows the law and does the right thing by trying to reunite a found pet with it's owner.  I can't believe the mentality we have encountered by some who think a collarless dog is a stray dog with no one searching for them.  Finders keepers, and the pet is theirs to give away, sell ,or keep.  My own dog regularly loses his collar on our ranch going through brush.

Facebook is loaded with local lost and found pet groups who network to get lost dogs back home with much success.  Freddie has his own Facebook page that chronicles our search and helps others identify him or where he has been sighted last.  Please visit Finding Freddie to follow and help in the search.

We created a You tube video about our dog Freddie and hope you will watch it and remember him....who knows where the connection will be made that brings our dog home.  Will it be you?  Have you seen our dog Freddie?