Saturday, June 18, 2011 old friend with a new, important job

Tom Simmons delivering Wishee to Kim in Fresno, CA

A friend of mine bought a yearling, sight unseen, and shipped him directly to Tom Simmons farm in North Carolina to live and be trained before being shipped to my friend's home in California, as a four year old.

Now...she was not unhappy with Wishee...No, he was good as gold.  She just wanted a horse with more "get up and go" for riding and driving.

Beginning driving in North Carolina
Sometimes it takes a bit of time to find the right situation and job for a good horse.  Well, here is Wishee's new job as shown in this TV report of a great program for returning veterans from war.
 The director of the program said that although Wishee has only been in the program for a few months; he, and the other 2 horses shown were the most trustworthy.

Like my trainer Tom says:  "A good horse is never an accident."

I would like to add that a good horse (well trained) will always have a home and a job.

July 2013 update on Wishee  from... Martha C. McNiel, LMFT, TRI, CEIP-MH
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"This veteran served in Iraq and has two rods in his
back.  Wishe takes good care of him."