Saturday, December 17, 2011

God Bless us...everyone

My all time favorite Christmas movie is the 1951 adaptation of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol .
I faithfully watch it every year because for me, it embodies much of human goodness and redemption of spirit.  At this time of the rolling year...I like to reflect on the best of family, and strive for kindness and good will.  I am not religious, but do feel the spirit of being kind and good to my fellow man, woman, child, and all living creatures.  I wish it for all.

In just a few days, Christmas day movie goers will be able to see War Horse.  It is not a Christmas story, but rather a children's story of an extraordinary bond between boy and horse, told through the horse's point of view.  It is set on the stage of World War 1's battlefield.  I'll wait a few days to see it, but I look forward to the tale and will write about it.  I have already told, from my own family story, about my my grandfather's horse that went to WW1.

Riders Aside in their traditional riding habits
In my previous post, I told about training my horse to wear a strap of bells on our annual Christmas drive that was held two weeks ago.  It was a large turnout of horses and drivers and even included a group of side saddle enthusiasts who came dressed in carefully recreated riding habits to keep that tradition alive. I sure would like to try that someday as Romeo is saddle horse bred and would be well suited as a mount for this discipline.  As it was, Romeo did a fine job bucking headwinds of steady 30-40 miles per hour.

String of brass cast bells on an antique lap robe which we were glad to have for warmth
I brought the bells for him to wear but my husband and  passenger outvoted me in having him wear them due to the adverse conditions in which we were going to drive.  As "captain of my ship", I bowed to their apprehension, wanting to make them feel good and not anxious about our drive.  Romeo would have been just fine; and, in looking at the performance of all the horses and ponies that did venture out in the high winds, they all did a magnificent job with no foolishness...just work.

Me on the box seat with my passenger niece Pam...Romeo in his warm fur coat

I talked with Tom Simmons, my horse trainer, afterwards and he confirmed that under adverse conditions, horses are amazing in buckling down and giving what is asked of them.  No fuss...even the 3 year old green driving pony brought by one of our best drivers in the west, happily did his job in his first time out in public.

Romeo's tail being blown horizontally by the steady olive orchard to the left

It makes me again think of war horses, and all the horses through our history that have served mankind.  We have a lot to admire in these fine creatures.  We owe them much respect and kindness.

 So once again...give gentle thought to all creatures this Christmas...and everyday.  As Tiny Tim said:  God bless us...everyone


  1. What a lovely post. I agree that horses are very special and have [in spite of human interference] served us amazingly well over the years.
    The riding habits are fabulous and I sure do love those jingle bells!

  2. Thank you Jen...a Merry Christmas to you....AND...a Happy New Year!

  3. And a merry Christmas to you and your family, and the best of health for the new year. Richard from Amish Stories

  4. Thank you Richard...same to you and yours!

  5. Thanks for visiting an commenting on our Horse of the Week. With 2 young ponies eventually destined to drive this is a fascinating blog for me I'd also love to ride side saddle one day. Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

  6. This was so interesting! I would love to train a horse to drive, one day. I'm learning a ton..I'll enjoy going through all your old posts, catching up, and following!

  7. Thanks Theresa...driving is something one can do right into old age...start early, there is a lot to learn...good for the brain too!