Saturday, June 19, 2010

learning Horsemanship

Another Tom Simmons clinic is on the horizon for me to put together at Noble Beasts Ranch in Grass Valley.  You won't find a fancy website full of illusion, and you won't get any tools for illusion at one of Tom's clinics either.  All you can get is the truth as a horseman of almost 60 years can give from his lifetime experience of horses.  What a deal!  Here is a person who does not have the illusion of being anything more than someone who loves working with a horse's mind to facilitate our goals with our horses. 

Personally, I have taken clinic from many big names in my competitive sport, so I have a fair idea of what is being presented out there; and, I have met a few good horsemen and women.  What is lacking though, for the beginner as well as the more advanced participant, is a real understanding of what makes a horse tick and how to get on the horse's side of how things should be asked for and given.  Technique and formula is not where it is at.  It is only when one can focus on the horse first, that amazing things can happen.  Then, you can begin the other stuff.  Nothing comes before it is time.

So, here I sit, with a different attitude than the beginning of my journey.  I give the opportunity to listen and learn from Tom, but know now that the individuals who come to these clinics are at different stages of learning and will receive only what they are capable of retaining at this particular time.  The mind will take it in and put it in the subconscious, and it may or may not come out again until something in their work with their horse jogs the memory to bring it out to try and use.  We may not ever remember who gave us the thought, and may even take it as our own.....but does that really matter who from, or how it came? 

To all the great horsemen and women who have affected better horse communication through their passion....Thanks