Friday, December 11, 2009

time to let go

For the last year I have known that I would have to let go of my very best horse friend and send him into another existence, one of his spirit in my mind and heart. My dear Morgan Lance had developed a cancer of the jaw that could not be stopped in its progression. At age 24, I did not want him to suffer invasive treatment, so I watched for signs of discomfort or difficulty knowing that the day would come when I would take responsibility and give him a good and peaceful end.

It has been one month since that warm and sunny day we laid him to sleep on a beautiful knoll at Noble Beasts Ranch. I want you to know that I feel a real contentment and happiness that his end was planned and choreographed so that it would be stress free and peaceful. I selected just the right veterinarian to quietly and expertly administer the overdose of anesthesia. Lance was quiet for the mild sedation prior to the overdose, and I got to tell him to trust me one more time and whisper my love for him. My vet knew exactly how to hold his head so that when he lost consciousness, his knees folded like he was going down for a roll. It was very soft and instant. It was a perfect ending for a perfect horse.

Saying goodbye is sad but a necessary part of caring for a much loved and deserving horse. It is part of the deal. Death is nothing to be afraid of because it is part of life. I am just happy I was able to make it a good end for my best horse friend.

Sir Lance-a-Lect

his hazel eye
his bright attitude
his huge nostrils open to life
his deep heart giving all
his thunderous neigh calling all to witness the glory that he is

photo taken by Sharon at
for more photos and story of Lance, see album "Lance The Wonder Horse" on homepage: